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Withdrawal guide

BTC/ETH to card withdrawal guide

At Casino Alpha we are working hard on adding new deposit and withdrawal options.

Currently we have limits on card payments and can not provide bank card withdrawals.

Due to this we suggest using the following guide on how to cash out your BTC or ETH which you withdraw from your account with us.

Assuming you already have a crypto wallet where you store your crypto you can follow these steps:

Step 1

Open website

Step 2

Choose Visa/Mastercard option

Step 3

Set BTC amount which you want to sell and click ‘Exchange’

Step 4

Enter your email address and phone number

Step 5

Then you will need to submit your personal details and some documents depending on your residing country

Step 6

After submitting your details BTCBIT support will check your documents and inform you via email about its results

Step 7

Now you can exchange! Click ‘Sell’, choose BTC or ETH

Step 8

Choose Visa/MasterCard, set BTC or ETH amount and click ‘Exchange’

Step 9

Now you need to authorize your bank card - click ‘Card Authentication’ to proceed

Step 10

Enter your card details and click ‘Authorize’ button

Step 11

After card authentication you will get the wallet address where you need to send your BTC or ETH. BTCBIT support will check the transaction automatically through blockchain and then you will receive funds to your card!