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Those who love playing keno know that most casinos don’t have the widest choice of keno games. Thus, along with the basic choice criteria, you need also to check whether a selected platform has enough variety. Alpha casino is one of the best places to play keno. Along with the basic requirements, such as security, licensing, fairness, etc., it offers a rich selection of keno games. Just a quick look at the section will tell you that you have several options.

  • - Keno Live is a perfect option for those who love getting top experience in real casinos. There, you can play keno managed by live dealers; thus, the most realistic experience is guaranteed; Disco Keno – for those who love the brightest special effects;
  • - Turbo Keno – for the fans of speedy gameplay, etc.

    All in all, Alpha offers more than 10 Keno games. It means that you can play them without getting bored. Switch from one game to another, and don’t forget to use all the offers that Alpha provides you with. How to Play Keno and Win

    First of all, any Keno game is a gambling game. It means that it is exciting, speedy, attractive, or whatever, but no way it is predictable. Thus, all those hot numbers or lucky numbers that are sold online and are supposedly aimed at increasing your winning chances are not worth your attention. There are no cold or hot numbers in keno. They are all generated randomly; thus, any of them have the same chances to win or to lose. Check if you can use a Multi Race Cards option. For most games, this option is available. If you choose it, your numbers will be able to play over several games. This option doesn’t increase your winning chances. However, it saves a lot of time. You don’t need to hit the same numbers every time a new keno game starts.

    Keno is easy-to-play. Usually, bets there are very low. However, don’t run to your computer yet. Winning chances are not high. The game is exciting and bright, so you might still have fun playing it, especially if you aren’t obsessed with winning those huge numbers that a casino promises if you hit all the 20 numbers. By the way, hitting all the 20 numbers is almost impossible. Though, for example, if your aim is just 6 numbers, your chances to win boost.

    Final Thoughts

    While keno isn’t as popular as slots or table games, it is still worth trying. If you remember that there is no specific strategy to help you win and that the house edge is very high, this game is definitely fun to play. Now, you can move to the casino website, make a deposit, claim the available bonuses, and choose your favorite keno game to play. And if you play constantly, you will get a chance to hit one of the jackpots that the casino offers to its customers.